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The idea behind Airplanesticker.com rose from the desire of a Pilot starting with a new company and wanting to represent the aircraft he was flying with a pudgy sticker. Unfortunately there were no stickers in the style with the livery that was being sought for.

From this impasse rose the idea to create a sticker of its own and with some skills from the past the first design came out. This design was greeted with great enthousiasm from the surroundings and the people starting to ask if they could get a sticker for their own use. With this in mind the idea behind airplanesticker.com was born.

Airplanesticker.com is a company which started in the beginning of 2018. We are live since mid 2018 and still starting up. If your order is a tad late, please forgive us and do not panic. Everything is being sorted out and do not be afraid to contact us!

Enjoy watching around and hopefully we can fullfill your needs!




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